How to be an Avid Learner (Part 2)

  1. What is missing from your life right now?

If you only had 30 days to fix something, what would you do? The answer will tell you what you need to work on for the coming year during your self-coaching journey.

  1. You are 90 years old looking back at your life. What would you have liked to have achieved to consider your life to be fulfilling?

This is reverse engineering – working backward and figuring out, ‘What do I want to be saying in the last hour of my life? What do I want others to be saying about me? Do I want to feel like I’ve lived a lie, or feel that I’ve played big?’ Don’t leave it to your last day, your last hour to take that action.

  1. Would people miss the things you do if you stopped doing them? 

What things are you doing out of habit, and what do you do out of intent? Ask yourself, ‘If I was starting from scratch today, would I have this procedure or practice in my business?’ If the answer is no, then change it.

  1. What do you stand for?

In this busy, destructive world where people have a total addiction to distraction, you need to be clearly able to tell another human, ‘This is who I am, this is what I do, this is what I stand for,’ so people in an instant can work out what you are about. 

  1. What contributions are you making?

What impact are you making on your industry, on your family, on your community, and on your friends; because at the end of the day, that’s how you will be remembered.

And one last thing. Change is going to be difficult before it’s easy. And once you start, don’t go off track – it’s easier to stay in momentum than to get into momentum.

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