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@JimmyRobertsNBC: Knee deep in a fascinating new book: Take Charge of You by @DavidNovakOGO and @CoachJasonGold - leadership lessons from a pair of men with a wealth of experience and success.
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12:22 AM · Apr 3, 2022

@BRichards_1991: Can’t wait to read this book. @DavidNovakOGO is an amazing person and story. Highly recommend giving it a try.
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10:10 AM · Apr 1, 2022

@JustinThomas34: Glad to come home to this in the mail from @DavidNovakOGO! One of the best people out there but also one of the best minds of anybody I know. Look forward to reading this!

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10:33 AM · Mar 27, 2022

@collin_morikawa: Thanks @DavidNovakOGO!!! Looking forward to learning how to coach myself more efficiently to keep achieving my goals. Reading this on my way to Augusta #takechargeofyou
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2:47 PM · Mar 31, 2022

@JonRahmpga: Thank you to @DavidNovakOGO and @CoachJasonGold for giving me an early copy of their book. Their expertise as leaders and coaches is hard to come by. If you are interested in a self coaching book this is the one for you! #takechargeofyou
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9:57 PM · Mar 23, 2022

@StephenMRCovey: This is an insightful and inspiring book! Everyone needs coaching. “Self-coaching” is an empowering concept that makes it accessible to all. @DavidNovakOGO & @CoachJasonGold and Jason have done a brilliant job.
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8:24 PM · Mar 23, 2022

The Future of Work:
How David Novak Took Yum! Brands From $4 Billion to $32 Billion & Priceless Leadership Lessons
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Mar 21, 2022

Bob Burg:
Huge Congrats to acclaimed former CEO (now leadership podcast host) David Novak and renowned sports coach, Jason Goldsmith on the upcoming release (March 22nd) of their newest book, "Take Charge of You: How Self-Coaching Can Transform Your Life and Career."
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Mar 19, 2022

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